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Mixed Sprouts Poha - Indian Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss | Dietician Babu

Benefits Mixed Sprouts Poha -
Well, if you have been following a strict vegetarian diet for some time then there’s no way you don’t know about the benefits of Sprouts. Sprouts are not only good for our digestive health, but they are also equally important for maintaining healthy skin. Moreover, it may regulate blood sugar levels by increasing the activity of hydrolytic enzymes.Poha or beaten rice is well off with carbs which mean you are less likely to feel lethargic during the day hours. Apart from carbs, Poha is also rich in Iron and fiber content.Ingredients You Will Need:Poha – 200 gramsMixed Sprouts – 100 gramsChopped onions – 20 gramsChopped green chilies – 20 gramsMustard seeds – 1 tablespoonTurmeric powder – 1 tablespoonCoriander leaves – 1 tablespoonLemon juice – 1 tablespoonSugar – ½ tablespoonOil – 1 tablespoonSalt – As per tasteHow To Prepare Mixed Sprouts Poha:Place poha/beaten rice in a sieve and wash it lightly. Drain the water and keep it aside for 10 minutes.Take a non…